Get your AWS Digital Badges

Use AWS Skill Builder Digital Badges to showcase your skills!

AWS Digital Badges

AWS has introduced Digital Badges as a means for you to enhance, and then showcase your knowledge and skills in specific AWS technologies and services. Digital Badges are obtained within AWS Skill Builder, include a pre-built learning path containing training content relevant to the topic, they are free, and shareable.

In addition to showcasing a skillset, I am also hoping that the Digital Badge learning paths serve as an effective exam preparation tool. I must recertify for the AWS Networking – Specialty exam by June. To prepare for the upcoming recertification, I completed the requirements for the Networking Core Digital Badge.

Obtaining AWS Digital Badges

The process to obtain AWS Digital Badges is straightforward:

  1. Register for an AWS Skill Builder Account
  2. Enroll in the Learning Plan(s) that offer the digital badges you are interested in obtaining. As a helpful tip, when searching for the digital badge learning paths, use “readiness path” for the search filter.
  3. Complete the assessment associated with the learning plan with at least an 80% score.
  4. Create a Credly account to claim your digital badge and share your networks!
In AWS Skill Builder, search for ‘readiness path’ to find the digital badges

Benefits of Earning an AWS Digital Badge

There are several benefits of earning AWS Digital Badges:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and skills in specific topics
  • Shareable on social networks | Career Advancement: AWS Digital Badges are shareable on social networks and/or professional profiles to help you stand out to recruiters, prospective hiring managers, or your current employer
  • Free to earn and share: AWS Digital Badges are free to earn and share while AWS certification exams are expensive. Digital Badges are a good way to highlight knowledge for minimal cost….the learning paths may be free but your time costs something
  • Credibility and confidence: AWS Digital Badges help you build credibility and confidence by validating your skills and it feels good to earn a badge

Now go….earn you some AWS Digital Badges!

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