It’s Cloud Field Day Week!

I’ll be participating as a delegate during Cloud Field Day 8 from 7/15 – 7/17. This will be a virtual event with a huge lineup of presenters and delegates. As always, you can find the full event info on the Tech Field Day website. Due the large number companies presenting and remote nature of the event, there will actually be two groups of delegates this time around. I’m slated for the early delegate panel, which will be take in presentations from:

The late delegate panel will catch these presenters:

The presentations will be live streamed, but if you can’t catch them live they will be available on demand shortly after they air. Feel free to follow along on Twitter using #CFD8, participation is welcome from the whole cloud community.

You can download the full agenda to your calendar if you’d like to set up reminders and block off any sessions. There will be some cool, cloudy tech that you for sure don’t want to miss!

As always, if you’re ever interested in becoming a delegate you can get more info at Thanks to the sponsors, delegates, TFD crew … looking forward to a great week and be sure to follow @TechFieldDay on Twitter.

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