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The new year is well under way, and with 2019 in full swing, tech conference chatter will start to heat up. While VMworld is just over six months away, there are still opportunities to get your dose of VMware updates well before then. One of those opportunities is VMware’s vForum Online, which will take place on April 24th, 2019.

What is vForum Online?

Imagine if you took VMworld, condensed it down to half a day and made it available to anyone with internet access to virtually attend from the comforts of home, work or your local coffee shop. You’d certainly be missing out on the constant beep and cha-ching sounds while logging 20k steps per day trekking through casinos. More importantly though, you’d have access to the latest VMware updates and information at your fingertips, without the travel costs and registration fees required by a big conference. vForum Online brings a large conference feel to a virtual event, giving it a greater reach than VMworld can.

Why should I attend?

vForum Online will provide attendees endless opportunities to learn and engage on topics across the VMware spectrum. There is typically a track for all specialties, so whether you are focused on end user compute, security or cloud, there is information tailored specifically to you. There will also be a keynote that brings together the overall theme of the event.

The real power of the vForum Online event is direct access to some of the best and brightest at VMware. Experts are available to chat with throughout the event to answer your toughest questions or even just help guide you towards the information you are looking for. This provides a great opportunity for direct access to the people on the front lines at VMware and within the vCommunity. I’ve attended vForum Online events in the past and had the opportunity to bounce questions off people like Brian Graf (@vBrianGraf) and Emad Younis (@emad_younis) and have experienced the value of having access to that kind of knowledge at your fingertips.

There will also be access to some Hands On Labs (HOL) available directly within the forum itself, so if you are unfamiliar with HOL to this point you can give them a test run, which surely get you headed over to register at the HOL site. Plenty of vendors will also have virtual exhibits set up as well, so you can learn about some of the latest technologies surrounding the VMware ecosystem. You can gain points the more you interact and contribute via all of the different options available. As your points increase, so do your chances of winning some great prizes.

See you at vForum Online in April!

Hopefully the info above will get you excited about attending the upcoming vForum Online. My advice is to block your calendar in advance. If you are like me, your best laid plans can easily be side tracked by that early morning email or phone call, so even if you can’t attend for the entire time, having that calendar reminder is key to making sure you at least log in and browse around for a little bit. You can follow @VMwareEvents on Twitter for more information and live updates on registration. Just remember to plan ahead and take advantage of everything you’d like to get out of vForum Online…and maybe even say hello should we virtually bump into each other on April 24th!

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