“Errno13 Permission Denied” After Upgrading N2WS to Version 2.4

Recently, I performed an upgrade from N2WS Cloud Protection Manager 2.3 to 2.4.  Though I didn’t have any issues during the upgrade AND my backups continued to be successful afterward, I received an error when trying to perform an AWS permissions check though the N2WS GUI, specifically, my N2WS instance did not appear to have access to the permissions.json file as shown below:


I double-checked the upgrade release notes to ensure I created the IAM Role correctly and it appeared I had so I opened a case with N2WS support.  I received the following solution, pasted below, from N2WS support very quickly (Thanks!!) and am pleased to say it resolved my permissions issue.


Error when running a Permissions check post upgrade CPM 2.4 , [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/opt/n2wsoftware/scripts/permissions.json’

After upgrading to CPM 2.4 users may experience an error when on the Accounts page and clicking on Check AWS permissions’ button may receive the following error:

[Errorno 13] Permission Denied: ‘/opt/n2wsoftware/scripts/permissions.json’ 

This error may also occur when trying to download the CPM logs from the bottom of the Manager screen and the same error may be entered into the cpm_server.log 
This error is caused by missing group permissions on the CPM Instance folder /opt/n2wsoftware/scripts for the group www-data. 
Resolve the permissions issue manually:
1. ssh into the CPM instance using the cpmuser account and the private key for the instance.
2. Please run the following commands to update the folder permissions:
sudo chmod  g+w /opt/n2wsoftware/scripts/permissions.json
sudo chown  :www-data /opt/n2wsoftware/scripts/permissions.json

NOTE: It is highly advised to restart the CPM instance after making these changes to have them take effect.


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