VMworld – Day 1 recap


It is hard to believe day 1 at VMworld is already over!  The conference is fully in gear, and was kicked off with a great general session this morning.  The message is somewhat similar to what we have seen over the last 2 years, but this morning was focused in three specific areas.  First, WorkspaceOne device and app management has been broadened to include more with Windows, Dell, Chromebook and HPI.  Then there was a great blast from the past video VMware created to spoof a late 90’s sales call from the early days of VMware.  It was definitely a highlight of the session.  The second big topic, not surprisingly, was cloud related.  The CEO of AWS came up to discuss the integrations with VMware and AWS.  Finally, security came up as they introduced VMware App Defense, their new solution for VM security.  There will certainly be more information about these topics and much more as the week goes along.  This mornings general session is available to watch online.

I attended a couple great sessions, including one VMWare on AWS session that had a demo of the AWS console.  Other than that, a lot of time was spent networking and picking up some good swag in the vendor and lounge areas, including a copy of the new Host Resources Deep Dive book from the Rubrik booth!  Also got time in with customers and just getting a general lay of the land.  Looking forward to what day 2 has to bring…


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