Fun with Citrix Virtual Apps Licensing

I promise this one will be quick, but yesterday I had some fun installing Citrix licensing.  Of course, I always have fun when it comes to Citrix licensing!  In this case, I was running Citrix License Server build 25000 and received from Citrix a Virtual Apps Advanced license.  After installing the license, I attempted to set the product edition to XenApp Advanced as shown below:


After doing so however, I received an error which stated that the “required product licenses are not installed” and this made me so very happy.


The short of the issue is that Citrix Virtual Apps Advanced edition does not correspond to XenApp Advanced edition, thus resulting in a product mismatch as far as Citrix licensing is concerned.  If your curious, from a licensing perspective Citrix Virtual Apps Advanced edition = Citrix XenApp Enterprise edition.  How do I know this?  Because the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops feature matrix says so.

1-LicenseRemapOnce I set the Citrix product edition to XenApp Enterprise, both the licensing error and my poor attitude concerning the issue disappeared.



If you’re deploying Citrix with a Virtual Apps license, you need to be mindful of matching the Virtual Apps license to the appropriate XenApp/XenDesktop edition.

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