2017 Review in Pictures – Las Vegas, NV | AWS re:Invent 2017

I suppose we all have our favorite places to go….personally those cities with MLB baseball teams rank among my favorites, especially if the home team is in town and I can catch a game.  Las Vegas (this city itself) however, is not one of my personal favorites though I do like that I can walk to pretty much anything I may want or need.  I do like using Las Vegas as a base to get to the Valley of Fire State Park, the Hoover Dam, and even the Grand Canyon if Las Vegas is as close as you can get to it.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the AWS re:Invent conference very much.  It was my first and I was overwhelmed by the number of people in attendance….about 43,000 is what I heard.  That’s like my whole town, and I was amazed that Las Vegas can handle this amount of people coming in and out of their city each week.  43,000 is a lot of people, but my cab driver on the way back to the airport said 43,000 was nothing for Vegas.  He said some of the larger conferences can number 200,000!!  Amazing.

I did fly on Frontier Airlines for the first time.  I hear/read some crazy things about Frontier by though Frontier is a no frills airline, it was a smooth, and direct flight from RDU.  Great views of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam on our descent.

Here’s a few from the show and around Las Vegas.

Well, that’ll just about do it for 2017 review in pictures.  I have just one more.  I did some work in Bryan, TX and to do something different, I only took my GoPro and took this from the airplane somewhere between Dallas and Bryan.


I look forward to taking more, and hopefully better pictures in 2018.

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