AWS re:Invent 2017 – Day 0


Good morning everyone, I’m writing to you this morning from Las Vegas in the AWS re:Invent Certification Lounge and I’m looking forward to getting the most out of this conference.  The Certification Lounge is a great place with all kinds of arcade games at ones disposal!  My particular weakness, a Ms. Pac Man / Galaga combo is in the lounge so I hope I can resist the temptation and actually attend the sessions I’ve signed up for.  I think Donkey Kong is in here somewhere as well…..

Anyway, Sunday was more or less a travel/explore day so nothing much happened.  I was pretty excited in that I was flying on Frontier Airlines for the first time and had read the following regarding their service and flying experience.

  • Frontier is
    • “awful”
    • “totally miserable”
  • Flying on Frontier
    • “is like flying on the plane with Indiana Jones and all the farm animals”
    • the takeoff was “scary”
    • pilots seemingly seek out turbulence as opposed to avoiding it
    • the descent felt like a “kamikaze” approach

I don’t necessarily like turbulence, but was looking forward to a scary takeoff and kamikaze approach, but none of this happened.  In fact, the landing may have been the smoothest I had ever experienced….all-in-all, thanks to Frontier for an uneventful experience.  If you wanted refreshments you had to pay for them but if you’re tough, you really can make it 4 hours with pretzels and soda.  Just buy what you want before you board in one of the many Hudson News storefronts in your local airport.

I took these with my cell phone so neither picture gives their subject the proper due…..



Thus far, I’ve gotten to pieces of SWAG….a jacket and t-shirt.  I’ve already head somebody say the SWAG this year “isn’t as good as last year”.  Seems like that’s always the case as conferences get more popular and expensive to put on.

I did walk around with my camera a little bit last night to take some pictures.  Here’s one of the Luxor though I need to tweak it a little bit more.


Well, I gotta run to my first session.  I’ll post my notes and hope you have a great day!

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