Part 4 – Veeam and AWS Tape Gateway Integration – Connect Veeam to VTL

On the 4th part of this series, we’ll look at adding an AWS Tape Gateway VTL into our Veeam infrastructure as well performing some basic tape functions.  Links for parts 1-3 are shown below:

Adding the VTL for use with Veeam Backup Jobs

  1. Within the Veeam interface, click Tape Infrastructure | Add Tape Server

  1. On the Server screen, specify the server on which the iSCSI connection was made to the tape gateway and click Next. In this case, I setup the iSCSI connection on the Veeam backup server.

  1. On the Trafficscreen, configure throttling rules to limit the outbound traffic rate for the tape server.  In this case, no throttling rules were configured.
  1. On the Review screen, Veeam will display the list of components required (Transport and Tape Proxy services) for the tape server to function. Click Apply to install the required components.
  1. On the Apply screen, click Next when the required components have been installed.
  1. On the Summary tab, click Finish to complete the installation of the VTL.

Import, Mark, and Inventory Tapes

  1. Before you can use the tapes inside Veeam, you must Import them. Right-click the VTL (AWS Gateway-VTL 0100) and select Import Tapes.

  1. When the import process completes, click Close.
  1. When the tapes are imported, they will be moved to the Unrecognized Media Pool. To make the tapes available for backup media pools, highlight each tape within the Unrecognized media pool and click Mark as Free.  Because all tapes have now been marked, the Unrecognized media pool will disappear and the tapes will now be part of the Free Media Pool.

  1. Though the tapes have been imported and marked as free, they are still not quite ready for use as their capacity, at this point, is still unknown to the system. Select all tapes within the Free media pool and click Inventory.

  1. When the inventory task completes, click Close. The tape capacity will now be known and displayed.  You can now add tapes to a media pool for use with Veeam backup jobs.

On the next post, we’ll look at creating tape backup jobs and retrieving tapes from the AWS archive.

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