XenDesktop 7.14 – Blank Spaces on Multi-Monitor Displays

If you are configuring multi-monitor end user stations to connect to Citrix XenDesktop virtual desktops, you may find blank/black spaces on the some or all of the monitors…something like this:


On the VDI image, I installed the Citrix 7.14 VDA.  Thus, to resolve this issue I did the following:

  1. Open the registry (regedit) and navigate to:
  2. Increase the value of “MaxVideoMemoryBytes” REG_DWORD value.  Now if you read the CTX article linked below (and you should), there’s a formula you could complete to determine the exact amount of video memory required.  I simply estimated 64mb per monitor times 4 monitors and changed the value to 268435456.
  3. Reboot the VDA

Now, in this particular instance, I had deployed Citrix App Layering to build layers and image templates for use with MCS…I made this registry change in my XenDesktop platform layer, published a new image template, updated my machine catalogs, and upon testing my display issues were resolved.

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