Change RAM allocated to VMs within Citrix Machine Catalogs

This may be one of those posts that ends up being more beneficial for me than you in that what follows here is the type of information/tweak I’ll forget about pretty quickly.  Then I’ll need it again and slap myself for not writing it down, leading me to do several Google searches until I find it once again.

Working on a XenDesktop 7, I was asked to increase the RAM currently allocated to MCS-based Machine Catalogs.  If you edit the machine catalog inside Citrix Studio, you will find the only edit you can do is changing the description.  To edit the other settings, a trip to PowerShell is required.

  1. In Citrix Studio, click Citrix Studio | PowerShell | Launch PowerShell….this will launch a PowerShell window in which the Citrix plug-ins are already enabled.
  2. Use the Set-ProvScheme cmdlet to set the RAM value.  As an example, Set-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName “VDI Test – Win10” -VMMemoryMB 8192 would change the RAM allocation for the VDI Test – Win10 machine catalog from its current setting to 8192.  Also, in this example, quotes are needed because the machine catalog has spaces
  3. Run the command Get-ProvScheme “VDI Test – Win10” to verify the RAM allocation is set to your expectations by reviewing the MemoryMB setting.

Note that this will NOT change the RAM allocated to machines already created, only those created after the change has been made.

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